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Originally Posted by dr325i View Post
Ah, so let me get this straight -- you feel sorry for someone for understanding the flaws around and for matching the opinions of, clearly by any poll, at least 75% of Americans and at least 90% of the rest of civilized world.

You feel sorry for someone that is using personal experience to relate to the exactly the same path the USA is moving last 8 years. Someone who came to this country 20-ish years ago with a grand in his pocket and...

You on the other hand have daddy millionaire and the only thing that conccerns you if the next potus will tax you 2, 5, or 7% higher than the current one. You don't give a shit about the regular American person or below average ones that are suffering heavily these days... You don't care that 5000 American kids will not come back from who knows where for who knows what reasons...

Hmmm, yep, please continue feeling sorry for me

BTW, if I were unhappy that you keep claiming in you ridiculous posts, I would have left a long time ago -- I had a chance numerous times. All I said is that I see hope in one candidate and no hope in another. If another wins -- I will revisit my options...

How about you?
As incoherent as ever...

Please show me where you get your stats. I don't personally know anyone who feels remotely as you do. The vitriol and hatred coming from your keyboard far exceed that of pretty much anyone here.

Paint with a broad brush much? You may want to check your facts. I don't have daddy millionaire. You must have me confused with someone else.

And I sure as hell give a $hit about the regular American - I am one! Didn't I say that I fall squarely in the middle class? Comprehension is your friend you might want to meet him. BTW, a grand in your pocket is more than I had when I got kicked out of my house in my late teens - at least you had a choice.

Why, now, would I not be concerned about how much of my money is taken by the government? Perhaps they're your favorite charity, but I'd rather have control over the usage of my money; I can tell you that I'd likely do more with it. And if taxes don't concern you, feel free (there's that word again!) to pay more. Heck, give your entire paycheck to Uncle Sam! Let him distribute your funds as he sees fit.

I'm sure that if I conducted a poll, the vast majority would say you're miserable. Again, I'm sorry that you hate the US; feel free to leave - I'm sure a few people might be willing to chip in and get you a ticket.

BTW, I think that I finally do have some insight as to what makes you tick. IIRC, you were born and raised in Communist Yugoslavia (Serbia), weren't you? As you grew up, you learned to hate Capitalism and the US. You learned to live and love Marxism and Obama gives you the best chance to feel like you're back home. Here are a couple of your posts from another thread that stand in stark contrast to your posts in this thread regarding China and Communism:

Originally Posted by dr325i
First of all, China is not a Communist we think of it. It is very open to the outside world and the businesses are private -- directly against the definition of a Communist Country.

What do you expect from the fastest developing country in (recent) history? Almost 2B people there, the Government is able to support about 20 cities, everything in between is outside of their domain.
I travel on business to China quite often (this year 6 times) and I travel to Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Xian. But even when you drive from Shenzhen to Guangzhou (two-hour drive) you see the reality of China and the life between the big cities.
Actually, Shanghai is a miracle to me -- far ahead of NYC for example. It has between 24 and 28 million people with the surrounding areas. However, if you go about 8 miles outside from the heart of the city you notice the poverty and corruption... But that is very normal for the country of that size, rapid growth and amount of people they have...
Originally Posted by dr325i
Originally Posted by tl_boy
i don't think people specifically fault China (its govt.) for the poverty or corruption, as you and I mentioned, that is common in developing countries. However, the Chinese government is particularly bad in covering up a number of horrible things, including gross human rights violations, extremely poor working conditions, etc. Every month for the past several months I have read incidents of various chemical plan explosions, mine collapses, etc. where hundreds of people have lost their lives. That, plus the human rights violations (forced human testing, there was a post on this b4), territorial bullying of Taiwan and Tibet and oppression by the government don't reflect very well on the country. In the struggle to achieve development, developing nations seem to be in a position where they are attempting to balance between the easing of their environmental regulations and labor policies, but they should never lose sight of fundamental human rights, and I think this is where many feel China is lacking compared to other developing nations.
I agree, but again, very normal and common for the country in transition. They are the last gov't that will be able to manipulate the whole nation if the transition is successful.

As for the gov't censoring and not showing what they don't want you to see -- I believe our (US) gov't is the winner in that column.

However, there is nothing easier then to sell the story to the American population -- put it on Fox, CNN, NBC for 2 weeks straight and the majority will accept it -- Clinton did it with Kosovo, Bush has been doing it from the day 1 -- everything he did so far was done after the public was brainwashed first.
Wow!!! Now it all makes sense! I would have had you pegged much sooner but for the fact that I only joined in February. You wax nostalgic about Communism and flagellate the US and what it stands for. From what I can tell, in your eyes nothing would be better than to see the rise and implementation of Communism in the US. I think now we know who the brainwashed one truly is. If you point your finger at someone, remember there are 3 more pointing at you.

I'm done wasting my time with you. I've gotta make my millions!