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Originally Posted by Bobby_Light View Post
You're in a dream land. Because most of Iraq's military weaponry was of French and Soviet origin does not mean we weren't in bed with Saddam. We did whatever necessary to ensure a victory over Iran in the Iran-Iraq War.


I'm done. Shouldn't have come back to this sub forum.
We must simply have a different definition of what constitutes, "being in bed with" because even if I were to accept as true (which I don't) what you have said, it still would not indicate the type of close, operational alliance that I would associate with "being in bed." At most it shows that we shared some dual use technology and took steps to see that Iraq did not lose (not win their war, we wanted a stalemate) its war with Iran. It would be plausible to argue that we were "in bed" with the Shah, or with the UK, or Australia but by no means with Ba'athist Iraq. To maintain the analogy, we were not in bed but at most met for a drink once.

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