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Originally Posted by GregW / Oregon View Post
Why would the transmission type make a difference in the exhaust sound?
The way the guy at WheelSTO explained it was that there is a tendency for RPMs to be lower on DCT cars rather than 6MTs. I realize that's a sweeping generalization on his part, but I can see his point. When I have owned MTs in the past, I tend to "race" the engine more than I do on automatics/SMGs/DCT. He also said that he had a couple of customers that had DCTs that reported the same type of drone at lower RPMs.

The only reason I give his statements and observations any credibility is because he makes a living off selling Eisenmann exhaust systems and as a result has had countless conversations with customers owning both types of transmissions (DCT & 6MT) and both types of exhausts (Race & Sport). Beyond that, it's subjective at best.