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Originally Posted by dr325i View Post
Sorry, I jusr re-read your bold post above...
Please point me out where I (or pretty much any poster here that opposes Bush dictatorship) said that the USA deserved in ANY way to be attacked on 9/11, where I EVER said anything against the US Citizens (except the Government)...

Also, please show me the logic where you're a true patriot by not questioning and challenging your government about the actions done.

Your post above (article and bold emphasis) is completely mindless and points out exactly what I stated about this government that labels everyone disagreeing with them an enemy -- exactly what Bush said after 9/11 -- you're with me or you're the enemy -- pure definition of dicatorship
Point me out where I said that you said that. However, I have heard the sentiment from time to time - do Reverend Jeremiah Wright and Ward Churchill ring a bell? Personally, I find it disgusting.

I see no reason to have to justify myself to you; I think my posts have done that just fine. And I have not once stated that I am a 'true patriot' as you state nor have I impugned you on the topic so I don't know where you're going there; unless you are implying that I am incapable of critical thought and I think that, again, my posts have shown that I excel in that arena. Sounds to me as though you don't feel you're a 'true patriot', whatever that means.

Where did I say that anyone who didn't agree is the enemy? I said that I can't figure out what is up with all of the self-loathing. I'm happy with who I am and with being an American. Pessimism and self-loathing just feed one another. So, if you feel the need to be miserable and hate yourself and who you are and the country you live in, feel free; just please don't project your feelings at the rest of us.