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Originally Posted by J08M3 View Post
This is kinda strange. Half the people say they've changed it and it makes a difference and the other half the people that have taken it out say there is no valve in there. If you ask me, my car drives great and I have no problem with the clutch. So even if there is a CDV it certainly isn't causing any problems for me.
Its a classic example of internet placebo effect. These boards (and others I might add) are littered with examples of people changing minor stuff on their cars and claiming massive differences (when I suspect in a blind testing of two cars they would not be able to tell the difference).

And the E46 cdv thing always surprised me anyway. Virtually noone in Europe (where 99% of people learn to drive with MT's) did the mod (or felt it was required), whereas loads of people in the US (where 99% of people learn to drive autos) claimed the stock transmission was rubbish and the cdv removal was essential.