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Originally Posted by Mr.AK View Post
I have heard that this is a bad idea. More washing, more scratches to the clear coat, no matter how careful you are. What are your thoughts? Wheels however should be washed weekly avoid break-dust buildup.

I've heard that too but either way your gonna get some fine swirl marks. So better to keep it clean than filthy which by not washing the car top/bottom, as time goes by, it's gonna get crap in the hard to get places.

So i went and got the clear plastic paint guard from a awesome shop in Grantham, UK called "paintsheild" They do excellent work and garenteed under warranty. It's awesome stuff. I wash, wax or quick detail, and done. Just as if washing it normally but the clear plastic covering never get's swirl marks, or scratches. It's tough stuff! It'll get some scratches in time, I'm sure but it'll save the paint. Anyway, 1.5 - 2.0 hours of washing/detailing about 2 times a week.