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That's part of my thinking. Though... she used to think I was nut's parking my 98 Integra in the boondocks (I had that car forever without any dings)... I think she understands. Her 04 MDX has one single door ding from a Yosemite trip. She's pretty careful when she parks and tends to park far out but doesn't like curb spots. Honestly it's the front spoiler I'm most worried about. I'm amazed at how low they go on these cars. I was at a work meeting and one of my partners parked next to me and just drove his boxter s right up the cement curb and it had a lot more clearance than my ZCP. Wish they were putting front PDC on these cars. Oh well... we'll see. I'll let her decide. I do have a wheel guy who works miracles... good thing to have.

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The 18's have a little more meat on them (rubber) if you get the 19's the wife will Curb Check those rims for sure Unless you do like I told my wife when I put 20inch rims on her car. I told her to drive the car like she is driving a 18 wheeler truck with trailer wide turns around curves. I also told her if she curb check the rim she is going to buy another one and replace it . Needless to say she had the car over a year now still taking my advise and has not curb check on the 20inch rims yet