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Thanks... those are all good thoughts. With certain colors the 18s really look good. But it's strange... I've seen quite a few cars wiht 18s at the dealer and they will look good from certain angles and blah from other. In pictures the 19s are phenomenal looking. I do agree that they're similar to the original 19s on the e46 which I thought look really cool at first but seemed boring after a while. I still absolutely love the ZCP wheels on my e46.

I still think both are good choices. Do you think the 18s and their accompanying tires will be significantly less prone to road damage? I guess we'll see... if I ever get my freakin vin number. I basically told them to order the car for me on 5/31. I guess a DCT sedan with 19s was already tough to come by. My wife was beginning to get frustrated and was thinking about trying a Cayenne... I convinced her to wait a bit more ( I want the Porsche purchase to be from the 911 family). I'm beginning to think the hold up with allocations is the new technology stuff... sadly... I think we'll be beta testing two years straight on this generation M3.