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18s vs 19s

I'm not sure whether or not there are still delays with the 19s... and it doesn't look like there are going to be any other wheel options in the upcoming year... so I wanted to get opinions about what wheels to get. I am honestly torn... love the profile of the 19s but love the color of the 18s. Some other factors are that the car is a sedan for my wife who will probably use it as her daily driver and kid transporter. As I've been thinking more about it recently, I think the 18s may be a bit more durable and less likely to get flats or get damaged which would be a good thing for my wife. I've got an order in the computer as we speak but as of yet no allocation. I'm beginning to wonder if I modify things such as the wheels that I might speed things up a bit. I realize that earlier in the year that DCT and 19s were holding up things. Sorry if this has been discussed previously. The car is MR/Beige extended. I was 19s all the way until the dealer called me up and had me look at the same color combination on a vert. Looked sharp... now I'm confused. Thanks.