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Originally Posted by T Bone View Post
In the game, the Roller Coaster and Oak Tree were really tough to get a handle. The snake took a lot of playing around to see where to life / brake etc....

I look forward to driving it in person!
There seem to be two common lines into Oak Tree, one used by lower power cars and one by higher power/heavier cars. I'm generalizing of course...just an observation. Driving the M5, I drive the latter, usually entering Oak heavily trail braking and maybe 2 feet off the apex at 11 and then rolling on full throttle with the car pointing to the turn-in point for 11a, heavy braking and sharply turning into Oak, hitting the apex and then a nice balancing act of opening up the wheel and rolling on the power on exit as it is downhill and somewhat off-camber. The track from 11 to the 11a turn-in point is slightly uphill and on-camber, you can get some really good braking into the turn-in point. A good exit speed out of Oak really yields benefit as you have over 4000' of back straight.

I think in the M-advanced school you'll walk some of the corners, so really pay attention to the camber and elevation changes while walking -- it's a great experience to walk the corners followed by driving them.

I'm far an expert on VIR, but here is a write-up by Peter Krause about VIR full that you might find useful.

Make sure to report back on the fun...perhaps over on m5board!

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