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More confirmation-no CDV.

In the message above, there is a link to my original post.

In this previous post, I note that the M3 part that I got from my dealer was a clear pipe without the valve inside.

The part did not have any painted marking on it like the 335 valve. The 335 pipe looks identical on the outside to the M3 part except that it has a very noticable white painted number 25 and two bands painted around the part.

I did have a chance to take off the transmission cover on my car and did observe the that the pipe at issue has no markings like the M3 pipe gotton from my dealer as opposed to the 335 valve pipe which has painted markings. I take this as further evidence that there is no CDV valve.

Perhaps the member who took their part off of the M3 could measure the inside diameter and let us know what the measurement is. If it is 4mm plus there is no CDV in the housing.