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Originally Posted by Radiation Joe View Post
I agree with this. On my e46, I like a square set-up for the street, but on the track, I'm happier with a staggered set-up (265F - 285R). If this car is more prone to oversteer like others have said, a staggered set-up is called for.

But back to the original question, I don't think there is a lot of room in the rear for much larger tires than stock, unless the offset is changed to something like et30 - et35. Then you have to worry if there is enough room to the inside. I'm actually surprised a 295 fit. Did you check to see if it clears with the suspension loaded (eg at the track)?

Unless I get a very good price for them when I sell the e46, I intend to run my BBS REs on the e90 for track days. 10.5x18 ET28 rear with 285/30-18 PSCs and 9.5x18 ET35 in the front (with 10mm spacers) and 265/35-18 PSCs.

My street set-up, if I confirm it works, will be two sets of OEM 18s. Square set-up of 9.5x18 with 265s in the summer, and square set-up of 8.5x18 with 245s for winter.

My 2 cents worth.
Thanks all,

10.5 would be interesting. But the 9.5 fronts are too small.

not a problem of oversteer, problem is too high a tire temp(probe at 215 deg) I could drive slower, but,NO. 285'd up front do not push, but again are very hot (205 deg)
Before others ask yes the tire pressure was OK at 37psi and yes it was a hot day. Tires were Yoko Advan A048's, new not shaved.

I'll try to find some.

Offsets are 44 front 25 rear, no spacers.