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Originally Posted by T Bone View Post
Are you making a quality vs. quantity statement?
Sort of - more like time vs. money. On time, over just 2 days M school certainly comes out ahead, but on dollars, less expensive but many more CCA events will come out ahead, much ahead in my opinion.

Not questioning whatsoever about the quality of M school and experience. It's just that M school is expensive. I'm not saying don't go to M school, I'm just saying that as an educational value there are alternatives to consider.

For Steve, I think you're on the right track, doing some other events first to get the basics. As others have said, the learning curve is steep, so if you have some basics first I think you'll maximize the value of M school as opposed to starting directly with M school. If you don't even know how to "walk" yet, better to hold off on paying for the expensive "running coach" until after you learn to walk first.
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