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Originally Posted by foofighter
i was kinda bummed to find out that the D50 does not have interval timer for time elapsed photo shooting that foiled my plans. However, some of the less expensive point and shoots have this feature built-in what's up w/ that!
Nikon doesn't add that feature until you step up to pro level camera bodies. The D70, D70s, and D100 don't have it either. The D200, D2h, and D2x do though.

The Rebel handles it very kludgy though. You have to have the camera tethered to a PC via a USB cable, and a PC program handles the timing of when the next exposure. As a stand alone camera, it cannot do time lapse.

I have the D70 with over 12000 exposures taken on it now. I'm looking for it's replacement, which will likely be the D200 or possibly a D2h (if I can find a decent one).