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Originally Posted by cchan View Post
I would not disagree that one M school can teach you more than a single CCA event. But, if one spends the equivalent $3200 on multiple CCA events (probably a car control clinic plus 5-7 HPDE weekends plus gas/hotel/etc), I think that one will probably actually learn more via the multiple CCA schools. Over that period someone could probably develop from a complete novice to a mid/high intermediate driver in the CCA program. Just two days of M school I couldn't see someone getting much past the novice level, maybe at best to low intermediate. It's all about seat time and experience to develop track skills.

Are you making a quality vs. quantity statement?

If our friend Steve is a noob at the track, I would almost argue exclusively for the M School. These are the informative days. There is also theory at M School.

No one doubts the value of the CCA events but M School is a premier driving school run by pros. Plus, it is one helluva experience too.
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