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Racying Dynamics
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Originally Posted by savage.ulm1 View Post
Probably it is only a stupid idea....but why not to post a video showing the
tachometer and the acceleration between 50/60-130 mph or more and let us see how many seconds it takes? we can speak all the time about your results but since you feel a big change and the power is sure present into your car, it would be very simple to show the differences and convince everyone.I personally beleive in your report. This report is now discussed also in Italy in a similar Forum. And in many different Forums, there are some skepticals (it is absolutely normal) why not to show the results in a way that could convince many of them?
This is not a disrespect against you, simply it is an idea. I have seen on youtube many videos, similar to this idea..
and it is very simple with a clock, to see how many seconds it takes from a speed to another. Sure someone more expert than me could suggest from which speed to another to make this test. Probably not starting from zero, since more difficult. This is only an idea.
I am sure that 46 hp would have a releavant increase in performance...
Just an example of the idea:

No disrespect taken at all!! But I don't feel compelled to drive around (or honestly have the time) with a recorder at such speeds and record all the brouhaha!! Sorry! If some don’t believe, its up to them really. I should also add that in Mexico city we lose about 25% of the power anyway cause of the altitude etc...

Originally Posted by lucid View Post
Thanks for the clarification. I assumed you were at sea level, but I should have asked since I don't know where the test was done, so the numbers I posted are off then. The adjusted numbers should actually be higher than what was measured during your dyno run, but when I use 7500 feet, the correction factor goes all the way up to 1.33, which can't be the case really (your car can't be putting down that much power in stock form). I assumed the 1024 mb pressure figure you posted is barometric pressure, and not absolute pressure. If it is absolute pressure, then I am using the wrong number.

This is the calculator I am using:

Another explanation is that the reported numbers are already corrected for the test conditions. If that's the case, just ignore the corrected numbers I posted.
I was told they were corrected, I was just making a point but honestly don't know how to calculations are made and thought that may have been a different variable. Sorry for the mixup!