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Originally Posted by nd54 View Post
all pulley kits by all manufacturers are roughly the same diameter and weight, there is no way you can have a 21hp gain while the others have 9hp.
Im curious for the answer to this one, I am slightly biased because I have the Rogue pulleys which I purchased with the understanding that it would give me gains of 8hp and 8tq (which I was more then satisfied with as far as the cost goes - $385). BUT at the same time I am not, if you can show me 21hp -I will remove my Rogue pulley and order yours and naturally pay for all the labor at my local shop who does my work.

However, I am not sure how you could show more then 10 hp more then your competitors? : So show us the light the man and we'll follow! I'll be the first phone call you have; overnighting EVOSPORT PULLEYS and installing them the next day if you can prove this or explain for the time being what makes your product 10hp+ better then your competitions!

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