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Well then I'll continue to call you out. It's easy to lower the base numbers on a Dynojet and then correct this for a second run once the pulley system is installed, thus producing your dyno chart. I stand by my point: all pulley kits by all manufacturers are roughly the same diameter and weight, there is no way you can have a 21hp gain while the others have 9hp.

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lol - I replied over and again above. I told you - same equipment, test is on. No problem. You are not willing to do that and I am not willing to take a suckers bet.

Yes, any dyno will show a gain. However, there are some dyno's that read significantly higher or lower then a dynojet. It would be very easy for you to pick one with low readings to skew the results.

Dynojet is the standard in the industry, if you don't trust in that piece of equipment, then there is not much more to say really.