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Originally Posted by McLarenF1 View Post
When BMW makes a TTV8 M3 I will buy one Jet. Modding a turbo is much easier than modding a n/a car and with much better results. Id love to see what a chipped TTV8 would do. But until you see this chip on many cars and several different dynos maybe you should keep your mouth shut about 335's.
Well that all depends on how you look at things. It certainly appears in most cases that a TT is less expensive to mod, but IMO (and I have done this) an NA engine has so much potential since at the end of the day you can go for a stroker engine or switch to low compression cylinders and TT the car. I bought a custom made TTV8 from AMG that makes 700bhp and similar torque.

Originally Posted by foxx26 View Post
That's a little un-called for.

Anyway BMW MEXICO that is one sweet ride. Keep up the great work.
Thank for all the compliments, I will keep the info flowing!!!!

Originally Posted by savage.ulm1 View Post
There are lots of different rumors about the weight of the front seatings.
I read in one forum : 31,48kg each one. But one friend from an Italian forum weighed the seating and the result was almost 34 kg (75 lbs!!) each one.
The performance ones seem to be lighter : around 24,5 kg each one (54,4 lbs).But from a German catalogue it seems that they declare only 3 kg less (6,6lbs) for each seating. I think we need an help for the translation from a German friend...:-)
If the weight saving are similer to these that would be super great!!!!! Thanks for posting and hope SOUTH can give is a hand here