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Originally Posted by stevespools View Post
so I should practice that? Heel/toe is blipping the throttle for downshift while braking hard in a turn?
DON'T practice that, and don't bother trying that in your first, or even first few schools. Just use the pedals the way you're used to using them.

If you use any new technique under duress, you're more likely to screw up, and you don't want to be whistling downhill into a blind hairpin when you do that.

By the way, it will be duress after several sessions. By the end of the day, you'll be going so much faster than in the first session or two that you'll likely get your instructor's complete attention a couple of times.

That's code for scaring the poor bastard. If so, you'll hear about it.


PS - They may possibly teach heel/toe techniques to you at the M school. Don't know. If you want to pursue that with your CCA instructors, they may help with that, but only if you slow down.