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Originally Posted by stevespools View Post
so I should practice that? Heel/toe is blipping the throttle for downshift while braking hard in a turn?
First, as you will learn, hard braking and downshift should be done before turn in, not in the turn. In any case, it is difficult to practice heel and toe on the street. It is tough to find a place where you can safely get into the brakes deep enough and long enough to do a proper heel and toe. In my (limited) experience, it feels pretty awkward to try to do it in normal street situations because you can't get the brake pedal down close the gas pedal. Having said that, it doesn't hurt to practice so when you do it at the track, at least you aren't trying something you've never tried. Just be aware that most likely when you try it on the street, it will feel awkward. It works much better at the track with an instructor working with you.