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Originally Posted by slikk66 View Post
Im liking the MT very much, one thing I can't seem to do is a full power shift from 1st-2nd above 6500 RPM or so. That is: never lift gas, just lift my left knee and kick the clutch as I slam the gear. At around 3500-5k, 1st-2nd is no problem, and 2-3 never is a problem even at 8k.. but i finally had to give up on 1-2 in that manner and settle for IN-SHIFT-OUT.

Man i did a couple of really mean mis-shifts =/ Anyone else having same problem?

Also, I haven't driven a M-DCT but my 2-3 shift is pretty damn fast.. cant imagine it can do it much faster.
Do you guys recomend power shifting? Ive never done this!!! Does it help?

Im also still getting used to heel-toe rev matching on downshifts. I find it hard as well but when I get it right, its fabulous.