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I refuse to use a Dynojet because it is far too easy to lower the base numbers. If I use the same dyno (not Dynojet) for both runs, within two hours of each other, what is your concern? There will still be a substantial gain if your claims are accurate and your product really is that good.

The reason I'm so adamant about this topic is because I've seen a number of pulleys for this car, and all are roughly the same diameter and weight. Futhermore, I haven't heard of a power gain of more than 9hp. Unless you've used some special type of aluminum for the construction, I cannot see how a 21hp gain is possible.

You've challenged me, and I've accepted. I'm not changing my mind in any way, I just want reliable test results. I do know a little bit about cars, and I know that under the conditions I specified there will not be as substantial a gain as you've claimed. I have no problem coming to Socal as early as next week to do the test.

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If you are going to challenge me on the results, call them BS - you need to be able to use the SAME equipment.

You obviously know that every brand of dyno reads differently. Depending on the brand, the variation could be 50% less or 50% more gain.

A dynojet 248c is the most commonly used dyno nationwide to test cars for numbers. We use it for this reason. You CAN go to a dynojet 248c ANYWHERE in the US and get a number that is within 5% of any other dynojet. Two magazines have done this exact test in the last few years.

You called us out, I replied. If you want to take the challenge, then it will only be using the SAME equipment, that is the only way to guarantee parity and fairness.

If you change your mind, let me know.

FYI, the pulley install is about 4 hours (I was basing 2 hours off the M5 install - but this is more involved). It is done from above and below the car, not above like previous model M3's. You must remove the lower under panels, remove the airbox, remove the fan, remove one of the idler pulleys. Then when you are done, you have to replace all of those items. You MIGHT be able to do it quicker, but we choose not to RUSH on $70K+ cars - not worth scratching or damaging or not installing something correctly. We will provide complete instructions to do this.