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I'll PM you later today to make arrangements, however I absolutely will not use any Dynojet model, this is the most important condition. A pulley install is supposed to be straightforward and takes less than an hour, there is no reason for your staff to install it. How about we agree on 15% variation, roughly 18-24bhp?
I think that the above conditions represent a fair real life test, not everyone will use a Dynojet 248c to test their car (I never would), and most people won't be able to use your tech for the install.

Let me know if this is ok, I'm looking forward to it. Any excuse to go to Socal...

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OK, but if you are serious, then email or PM me. Your conditions are not acceptable as is.

1. your car is fine.
2. as long as it is a dyno-jet 248c (same dyno to see same results) and is not a competitor (must remove bias) - we must agree on the shop
3. why would I allow something to be installed by someone that may or may not know what they are doing? How would us installing the kit lead to any artificial gain? This is just a silly point.
4. The results must be within a range of +/- some percentage. Every car is not exactly the same. That is why we show REAL results on a car, and in fact I will have dyno runs soon from two other nationally known BMW shops on the east coast (Turner and BimmerWorld - where you can also buy this kit from). Just like with software (you said your car may have software), did you get the exact gains they claim? Typically there is a 10-20% variance from car to car (sometimes more). This is well documented by everyone in the industry from BMW to the entry-level tuner.

Again, if you are serious, then I am 100% a go, I would not make a challenge that we were not up for. We just need to agree to conditions that do not set us up to fail. I am a bit smarter then that.

Thanks everyone (well almost everyone, j/k)!