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Originally Posted by Hammer View Post
I didnt.
I did it as stated in the forum in the past: warming up the car breaking normaly going for a long straight line and accelerate to 60-70mph and break to 40/30/20/10/0 without periods between (accelerating normal cause the car is not broken in yet). I didnt exactly listend to the breaks after that but i noticed the squeaking yesterday sometimes while soft breaking.

May i repeat the procedure on the coming weekend and what should i look for?
So, we really have n=1 then.

My understanding is that this won't work if you do not really get on the brakes, but not to the extent that you glaze the pads. Braking normally will not achieve anything different at this point; you are doing that when you are driving around anyway. Also, clarification: You should not come to a stop between the runs, and there is no need to accelerate quickly.

These instructions are similar to what I'm suggesting and seen at various other places:

They do suggest that you should warm up the brakes first. Try it at your own risk...