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Originally Posted by Laszlo View Post
IMO - I don't support bedding breaks in the way you noted/or suggested by aftermarket tuners... I have heard this isn't always the best option, even from some German engineers... and isn't this usually reserved for track set-up anyway.
The bedding procedure will indeed depend on pad compound. It is always possible that what I proposed above is not the most appropriate procedure for the stock compound. I researched this and could not get any specific info from the dealer and anyone else who knows about the stock compound. (They won't recommend doing something like what I suggested in the manual for safety/liability reasons). After speaking to a friend of mine who has a Mat Sci PhD, and hearing that the efficacy of the procedure is plausible, I executed the procedure at my own risk, and the noise almost completely disappeared after the procedure, and I've been beating up on the brakes pretty hard on the track with no issues. (Stock pads do lose some performance on the track toward the end of a session by the way for obvious reasons, so track pads are recommended there). So, I offer evidence in the context of n=1 in this case.