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Originally Posted by ihyln View Post
wow BMW-M-MEXICO! Impressive! Do tell about all the performance mods
In terms of engine mods, the only changes are Gruppe-M intake, ECU reflash and Exhaust. Aero mods include CF ACS front diffuser, CF 3d rear splitter, CF Vorsteiner CLS boot lid that also reduces weight. Suspension mods are HRE 897R light weight wheels with PS2’s, lowering springs and ACS rear strut bar. On the way is the BBK that I hope to god is here sometime this week or next week.

In general, I feel the car is much faster than it used to be right from the start, I do really enjoy driving it!!

Originally Posted by cowmoo32 View Post
What software is it? I can't believe you're showing that much more power. I need that now.
The software comes from these guys: See below!!

Originally Posted by consolidated View Post
This sounds almost too good to be true, that's a large bump from a chip, the motor is making about 116hp/liter...please be true.
The software comes from these guys: and costs about US$2,000.00 I have visited there facilities and Witnessed how they build engines etc…. last week they completed 5 Indy type engines. They have most of the stuff build in Europe or the USA to their specs but the important thing is that they do know engines, prepare lots of race engines and have a staff the does lots of research on this stuff. They are not at all good and customer service but they do know what they do.

Originally Posted by rickc View Post
Any impact on MPG? How's the mileage?
Yes, the MPG is a LOT WORSE than it was. Donīt really know by how much but since I am always steping on it (as I did before) the gass tank certainly lasts less. This is very consistent with what they said, I said I wanted power and did not care for fuel efficiency. They also increased the rev limiter a bit and well as delimited top speed. The reason the increased the rev limiter (to 8,500 RPM) is not because it will make more power, but because it helps make shifts at the limit a bit easier w/o harming the engine due to the quality of the local fuel.

Originally Posted by edlms View Post
woah... looks great.
how was the install like?

Not sure what you mean by this but it only took a day with the car there to due the ECU reflash, dyno and delivery the next day.

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