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Here's a write-up by Chuck Hawks on driving the Patriot Course. It won't make any sense without studying a track map of it in addition to watching video though.

My biggest comment would be to remember to NEVER lift as you crest the hill through turn 3. If you're in too hot, stay on the throttle with maintenance throttle and use the track and/or grass. People have had a lot of trouble in that spot and the end up in the Armco on the right after they panic and lift.

You'll find that the Patriot course is full of camber changes coupled with elevation changes. Like I mentioned before, it is very challenging to do right. We had the 2005 BMWCCA Oktoberfest autocross competition on it (with added cones to keep speeds in check) by the way.

Somewhere I have some video a friend took years ago of a lap -- I'll check later to see if it is on-line someplace.

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