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Originally Posted by CSBM5 View Post
I'm pretty sure there aren't any (yet anyway). Hopefully that will change in the future. Your best bet is to just review the many on-line videos of the track. I think at the M-school you run Full course, South course and Patriot course. They also make you use DSC the whole time, so for a very experienced driver, you don't really get to learn how to drive the car properly (but it will keep 95% of people out of serious trouble). Full course is a boat-load of information for a 1st timer to learn, especially novice drivers. Don't underestimate the difficulty in lapping Patriot course with a good time -- it is profoundly challenging to do "right".

Enjoy! It will be a fun experience for sure.


Thanks Chuck, good to see you here.

I actually turned on MDM at the regular M School without people knowing and will likely do the same here.

Not as free as DSC off but then again it isn't a race.

Just want to try out the new M3
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