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Originally Posted by lucid View Post
See my post above. There is no discrepancy between the torque and power numbers on that chart.
Not sure I follow you here. I would expect any increase in power for a pulley system to be in relation to engine rpm, either linear or otherwise.

I remember porting crank cases in 911 engines they would show virtually no hp gains at 3,000 and 20hp + at 7,000 rpm it increased substantially with rpm (in this case it was not linear)

For the pulleys I would of expected say 1-2 hp at 3,000 and maybe 6-8 at 8,000 ? Which I would be happy with !

Still confused by the low end gains

BTW not sure what hp the air con consumes ? It might be worth doing a aircon on and aircon off bum dyno to see what the results are in feel