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Originally Posted by footie View Post

I was not totally doubt what you had written as I know you know more about this stuff than I do, as swamp keeps reminding me maths isn't my strong suit.

What I was explaining to mixja is that from experience in previous cars and in my most recent car (Audi S5) was that shifting at peak power proved to be as quick if not a little quicker, and this observation was based on trap speeds as you call it, finding that I was recording a quicker speed by shifting before redline.

I know all cars are different and what worked for the S5 may not work for something else.
If you argue with experience and bruce with maths, both of you might remember:

experience is subjectiv, mathīs objective and (felt) results may vary between a subjectiv and a objectiv oberservation.

There maybe both of you are right

As you can imagine i agree with bruce: to accelerate quickest you ve to get the most avaible torque on the wheels all the time, itīs simply a combination of 5/6 choises (6 /7 gears) of the shifttiming which have to be optimised for the highest possible output. As far as i read the numbers itīs pretty simple: redlining means going the fastest ( in the stated cases).

You may to a empiric research by testing several shiftchoises and measuring the results. the problem might be to keep the conditions identical cause a human factor is part of the "experiment".

If the result doesnt match to the "maths" the maths might ve forgotten some aspects.