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Originally Posted by footie View Post
Very possible, as swamp and bruce can confirm I am not as technical as they are and base everything I know on expereince. AWD may be play it's part in this but I still feel the torque curve is more important than anything else.
Yes you are exactly right that the torque curve is most important, remember the graphs above are all torque curves, nothing to do with power. At the end of the day in the real world, the drop off in torque to wheels may be much higher than what is shown in the graphs, if that's the case then you might be right - but if they are as shown in the graph, then it's going to be better to shift at redline.

From my own experience, I just traded my Audi RS4, it definitely was quicker shifting at redline. But my old Subaru STI, was quicker shifting around 7000RPM (vs 8000RPM) for most gears (except 1st gear) as it had phenomenal mid-range torque and power really dipped past 7000RPM.