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Originally Posted by footie View Post
Maybe Audis are different because every single one I have owned accelerate as quickly if not quicker when shift occurs at peak power, revving the extra 500rpm has not benefit what so ever.

You want to be shifting into that thick torque band and until your torque is also far up the rev range then there is no benefit holding on to the gear.

I can only gauge from experience and that is what I have found on every occasion.
What you describe tends to be more the case with forced induction engines, which typically have very strong mid-range torque that very quickly tails off approaching redline (e.g. Subaru STI is best example, making peak power @ 6400RPM with an 8000RPM redline). Gear ratios also come into play, shorter spreads will tend to favour shifting before redline (again Subaru STI is a good example).

In all of the cars looked at in this topic though, there is no benefit in shifting before redline, the closest that breaks this rule is the RS4 in third gear going to fourth gear...