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Info on a new series of events..."6@9"

Hello everyone,
I would like to take the opportunity to go over a couple of things with you all. As you know, I have been organizing meets and greets for many years now. We currently organize a series of events called eurostage, which meets every first sunday of the month in Aventura Florida. This event has grown into a constant friendly event where european car owners get together for breakfast, coffee and chit chat about cars. We were recently contacted by Rock Star Energy Drink to be part of this event that as of August will be turned up several notches for the main purpose of everyones enjoyment and benefit. The main reasons I started these events a while ago was to:

1. Make new friends
2. Network with attendees
3. See great cars
4. Hang out

Now, this is where we are switching things around. We will start making these constant series of events/meets an "experience that YOU cant wait for the next month to arrive" type of car event.

We have many things planned out for you all. With the help from Rock Star Energy Drink we will make sure that this event is the best monthly experience around. 6@9 starts this 3rd of August, however all plans, ideas, objectives will take place and effect as of September 2008.
Prizes, Giveaways, Discounts, Breakfast, etc...

NAME: The name 6@9 comes in from a little brainstorming meeting we had at our main corporate office and boardroom, "The Ale House". We were sitting down having some wings and the name came into play. "SIX SPEEDS AT NINE AM" Simple and clear. Obviously we had to simplify it a bit more.

Our grassroots come from european cars and we will continue to market the event this way, however whats not to say a Ford GT wants to come out and play and because of the "euro" behind the name of the event, he or she just doesnt show up. Well to make a long story short. This is 6@9.
We really hope to continue seeing all of the regulars, the new ones, the girlfriends, the boyfriends, families, etc...

My sincere best,