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Originally Posted by badfish View Post
You don't need to jack the car up to install it. All you need is 3M tape and it helps a lot if you can get that 3M tape adhesion promoter because it really makes the tape stick so much better. Oh yeah, make sure you use a wax remover before you put the tape on as well. It's easy enough to install it yourself, but if you can find a good body/customization shop, they probably have the packets of the adhesion promoter sitting around and it would take them all of 10 minutes to install the diffuser for you without making rookie errors. They shouldn't charge you very much at all. Some people don't use the good tape, adhesion promoter, or don't remove the wax and wonder why the tape doesn't work well.

I like the description in the link I provided:
If in the future I want to remove this, will the 3M tape damage the paint? What would be the best way to remove the 3M tape? Thanks