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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
More details, por favor.

Wouldn't be a large nor really noticeable effect would it?
Not likely with just 10mm and the amount of steering boost we have.

Basically by moving the wheel away from the pivit point for the steering the tires get more leverage on the steering any tims the wheels have a forward or backward thrust. Best example would be hitting the brakes. So what will happen is there will be more kickback in the steering on uneven pavement.

Another side effect is you reduce your effective sping rates by providing a larger lever arm reducing the motion ration of the suspension. You basically are using a longer lever to compress the cars springs.

At 10mm the delta should not be an issue.

The most common problem with spacers for this usage (just moving the wheel centerline away from the stock design) is the extra load and wear it puts on the wheel bearings.
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