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Originally Posted by second_2_nun View Post
Man what a series of terrible fights tonite on ufc 86, cote fight boring he didn't do anything great, Can't believe rampage lost his title to forrest...not to take anything away from forrest he is one of my fav fighters also. I just didn't see him winning the fight I scored it 1 round jackson 2 round griffin 3 jackson 4 jackson 5 jackson/griffin. I it was a unam decision for forrest WOW! jackson shouldn't let it keep it in the hands of the judges props to forrest of the leg kicks that really took jackson out of the fight. Joe stevenson rocked! Koschiek rocked!
griffin vs some guy that choked out gomi was lame

koscheck vs lytle was good stuff imo. he just executed the game plan to win him the fight and he did it in a pretty good way. it really showed how insanely powerful he can be

stevenson vs tibau - he tried to not use the guillotine, but he had to do it. that was a good fight imo too

cote vs almeida - man i wished almeida won and did more in that fight. he could've thrown a rubber guard demonstration to the world that day!

forrest vs rampage - this was a good technical fight by forrest and a semi exciting fight on rampage's side. to his credit, he did get a pretty good knockdown in the first round! i scored the fight this way

1 jackson
2 griffin
3/4 don't remember who won which but one each
5 griffin

Old forrest would've gotten knocked out, but at least new forrest won the fight!

Decent event, and WAR GSP!!!! DESTROY FITCH!!