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REmus vs. Eisenmann

Originally Posted by PunjabiM3 View Post
I have nothing against Eisenmann and have had the full Eisenmann setup in my e46 (midpipes, race muffler) but the price has almost doubled on a muffler in the past 3 yrs. $2600 seems justifiable for a muffler WITH midpipes, but a muffler alone come on. The Remus exhaust is $14xx and is also 304 stainless steel inside and out. It is not TUV approved but that doesn't mean much to me here in the US of A.
Those are good points. Two things about the Remus I notice: 1) the two sides are not connected. I'm not sure how this affects the sound or performance. On the plus side you won't see the two separate halves from the rear; on the minus the two pieces may fall out of alignment easier. 2) Remus, like most, use generic rolled and seamed sheet steel to make the boxes. Eisenmann uses custom stampings, that are likely to be more rigid. Is that really a big advantage? Probably not.

I DO think Remus is a relative bargain at just over half the cost. If cost is not as much of an object, I think Eisenmann is probably better. Not a huge difference either way, though. And, I haven't heard the Remus in person.

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