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Originally Posted by PunjabiM3 View Post
+1. I find it awkward that more people do not speak out about this because that is the only way pricing will come down and/or be more realistic. If everyone is just fine shelling $2500 for a muffler then obviously the price will never come down. And new exhausts coming to the market will look at those prices in pricing their own systems.
You guys are a little ridiculous. $2500 is a good price if you consider that the high end exhaust systems from tuners like Amuse are over $10,000 US (which IS ridiculous). $2500 is in line with what I would expect for a duel exhaust system for a high end sports car. The E36 M3 system which requires about half the materials and probably about half the time to make is priced as it should and I believe the same can be said for the new M3 systems we are seeing. When it comes to these kinds of tuner parts, you get what you pay for. Dont forget that a lot of what you are paying for is the R&D that went into developing these exhaust systems so they sound great and work great with these new M3's, I am talking about qaulity. Probably only about 10% of new M3 owners are even planning on modding their M3's which makes for a small amount of potential customers (keep in mind not everyone is going to go to the same tuner). Very different than a Hona Civic or Acura Integra where there is a huge tuner scene and many potential customers. Supply versus demand also plays a roll. If anything we should be more willing to support the better/quality tuners for the M3 in hopes of getting more and more aftermarket support for the M3.


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