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Exhaust system prices

Originally Posted by Ilia@IND View Post
Eisenmann systems are the absolute highest quality exhausts in the business, and are priced accordingly. I can assure you that we’re not running away with thousands of dollars of your money every time we make a sale- the price is indeed justified by the manufacturing and import costs.

Eisenmann systems use the highest quality stainless steel throughout the muffler, with stainless steel internals and hangers for the longest possible exhaust life- few other manufacturers still offer 304 stainless internals, for cost reasons. Although other manufacturers may advertise a “stainless steel” muffler, they typically use mild steel hangers and internals for an overall lower quality product.

Eisenmann’s fit and finish is tested to the highest standards, both because of their need to pass TUV approval, and because they are an OEM manufacturer for Porsche and AMG cars. The TUV approval process is also extremely costly, and does add somewhat to the price.

Just about anyone with a few contacts in the aftermarket business can call a factory in Taiwan, China, Korea, or one of the many other major producers of outsourced product, and take advantage of third world labor rates to get cheap product made. Eisenmann stays above the outsourcing mess by using well paid, well taken care of workers in Germany.

Even if you live in Germany, the cost for an Eisenmann system is 1785 Euro, which translates into $2835, $4 off of our MSRP.

Simply put, Eisenmann systems are not for everyone- they’re the highest end stainless steel exhausts money can buy, and the price reflects this.
I must agree that Eisenmann systems seem first rate. The general impression, though, is systems have nearly doubled in price in a few years over E46 M3 ones. I know the dollar has tanked against the Euro, and unlike BMW, small manufacturers can't absorb the difference. I also know metal prices have gone up significantly.

Speaking of internals, it would be great to see a cutaway of the inside of one of these.

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