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Originally Posted by Maymun View Post
Yes, iphone works fine through iPhone adapter in glove box for me through iDrive.
The original post was inquiring about being able to watch iphone/ipod videos via the navigation screen.

Not audio files.

BMW offer a TV module for markets outside the USA, however unlike previous generations used in the older E46, it does not have a auxiliary video input, so therefore cannot be used to playback video for auxiliary devices, such as ipods.

The in-dash DVD drive is for navigation data disks only. It does not have any hardware or software mpeg2 decoder, or DVD-Video playback capabilities whatsoever.

The only other option is to use after market. TVandNAV2GO offer something.

It supports auxiliary video input. To switch between the auxiliary video and the i-Drive, you hold the menu button for 3 seconds.

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