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Originally Posted by knifegun View Post
What is up with the PIGS written on the road? I guess people really hate cops in North Carolina?
That's actually on the Tennessee side of the ToD, and the story with that (although writing that on the road is a totally inane thing to do) is that the Tenn Highway Patrol were TOTALLY harrassing the drivers, stopping them for 32 in 30 zones and stuff like that. So a whole bunch of vids on Youtube started popping up and they were getting a horrible reputation. In the meantime, people starting voicing their dismay with garbage like you saw on the road. The LEOs have been actively trying to improve their image recently.

In a road that has 318 turns in 11 miles, what they should really do is spend their time preventing 18-wheelers from trying to traverse the ToD. And stop harrassing the sports-car crowd. Several people have died on the ToD every year for the last 6 or 7 years, and they have all been bikers. Intense road - you're heart is pumping 200 times a minute and your hands are sweating the whole way. And if you can drive it in under 20 minutes you were ABSOLUTELY BOOKING IT!

While I was there last we saw a fleet of disguised CTS-Vs that were testing on the ToD and were apparently using a 6-series as their handling benchmark (there were 2 with the group).