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Hey everybody,

today, it is my great pleasure to share with you my wonderful experience at the BMW World, and finally receiving my new car. I had my downpayment down for over two years, and the time of anticipation has been a time of joy.

Before I start talking about the car, I would like to recommend the European Delivery at the Center in Munich to all of you. It's fantastic to see where the cars are coming from, to be toured around to see different things, and to then "be on stage" for some time. It starts out in 3rd floor in the lounge, where one can enjoy snacks and drinks for free. Then you take the elevator in the basement and go through a simulator that explores the car and some of the features it has. Afterwards, back upstairs and you walk down the stairs to greet your new baby. I received 10 Euros in the gift shop and 15 Euros in the restaurants with it. Also, you have free entrance to the museum and the factory tour. It's truly a wonderful deal, and anybody who loves BMW will enjoy that day.

As for the car, we all know how beautiful it is. In my opinion, it is not as aggressive as the e46 when it comes to looks, but simply more elegant and sleek. I like the design a lot, and little things like the mirrors simply took some time getting used to. Now I think, just about everything is perfect (-exhaust showing).

My car came with Technology Package, Cold Weather Package, Premium Package, 19", M-DCT, USB, Premium Sound, HD radio. It's full leather black inside with Carbon Leather, and Jerez Black outside. We have all seen the thousands of pictures of all the combinations, so I shall spare you my opinion. But in terms of the DCT, I must say I love it. I think it suits the V8 really, really well, I love the way it shifts and the sound with it. But, perhaps it's just me, it appears as if it is a little bit more complicated to use than the SMG. After turning on the engine, I always have to fiddle a little bit before I get it in first, and sometimes I am unsure about what to do next. I love it once it goes, but it is more complicated than the SMG.

I have yet to go above 5,000 rpm really, and I am driving really conservatively. Averaging about 90-100 mph on the way home, I achieved 19.2 mpg. It has almost 300 miles on the clock now, and I was reassured several times that the cost for the break-in inspection after 1200 miles will be reimbursed by BMW USA, so I am trying to find places to go to and get that over with (anybody want to meet up?).

Another thing I would like to mention is that the painted reflectors look great on the car, and I would like to sincerely thank Longtran for his excellent work. I am impressed and thankful for everything he does for the forum.

Here are some pictures:
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(Jerez Black M3, 19", Extended Black Leather, Premium Pkg, Cold W. Pkg, Tech. Pkg, PDC, IPod, HD Radio).