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Originally Posted by lucid View Post
Because Fangio could "feel" the force, which includes tire pressue...

on track I check tire pressure almost every time I go on and come off the track. SO I doubt I'll have any problem. if there is a massive blow out TPM wont save me. The reason TPM is required by law in the USA is beacuse stupid FOrd explorer owners never checked the air in thier Firestone tires until they blew out and killed themselves.

I am running them on the street a few days to get some heat cyles in them and scrub them in a bit. only about 6 to 8 mm of clearance to the strut but I am told this is ok. I will check for rubbing when they come off. you feel every pebble in the road with these tires - wow. actually had to run with EDC in comfort for the first time.