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Originally Posted by JIO View Post
You miss out on the new and improved iDrive.

At the last check on Autotrader, there were over 1300 new M3's sitting on dealer's lots. Why wait 60 days? should be able to trade cars now.

I'm still going to wait for an '09, as in 60 days, they will be building the '09's and the new '08 will be technically 1 year old and the value will drop at least $10K. If for some reason you don't like the car or are forced to sell it for any reason, you'll take a big hit on depreciation. Plus I see that nothing will be newer for close to another year. To each his own.

Congrats on the new M3....they are wonderful cars. I'll be getting my 6th M car in 10 years. Yep, I'm a bit strange when it comes to swapping out cars for the latest and greatest. So far I've survived huge depreciation since I'm so anal about my cars. I even polish the underside of my cars...yep, I need help.
10k??? I think that is a little high.