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Deadline to order 2008 M3??

I am very proud to say that today I officially became a member of the M3 club! I ordered my 2008 M3 coupe, which will be delivered in 60 days per the dealer. I have been reading many, many posts on this website as I made the most informed decision I could, so I wanted to thank everyone for all of their input.

In searching for my M3, 2/4 dealers today told me that they could NOT custom order me a 2008 M3 b/c they "discontinued production for the 2008 model." They both told me that I would have to order a 2009 model, and that production wouldn't start until Sept 1. I would then have to wait until Nov/Dec for the arrival. I told this to the last dealer (also the one that I eventually purchased from) and they were not aware of it but did order my 2008 and also gave me a production #. So just to make those aware that to my knowledge the 2008 will only be made during July of this year, and that dealers are already denying purchase of custom made M3's. Whether or not this is fair is another issue, but its out there.

I am VERY happy about the 2008 model. I know the 2009 will be a little nicer, as all next year models tend to be, in general. But I wanted to have it for at least the end of this summer so that I can enjoy it.