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Nothing whatsoever to do with BMW...

...but post worthy nonetheless. So I'm minding my own business, checking through my junk mail and see a flyer from my car dealer. They sell several brands, and the Imports group sells BMW and Mercedes (I previously bought a Merc there too). Anyway, they have the usual "come test drive one of these...[insert ho-hum car here] examples on the flyer. One of the cars listed was a Mercedes-Benz SLR McClaren.

So, I says to the wife... "Wife (I call her that), we should ride down and look to see if they really have one of those". So we did. Went down today, so they were closed of course - and I knew if they did indeed have a McClaren it wouldn't be sitting outside. Had to stop and admire a couple of 2006 M3s they have on the lot first - then went over to the closed showroom and pressed my nose against the glass.

Separated by 1/4" plate glass, ten feet of floor, and white "don't even think about coming any closer" chain perimeter was the most amazing machine I've ever laid eyes on. There, in the flesh (so to speak) sits a silver MB SLR McClaren. After leaving several DNA samples on the glass... I vowed that I must return during business hours to behold this mighty beast in person!

I might just bring my camera with me....

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