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Supersprint Sport

So I just got my Supersprint Sport mufflers. Decided to try and install them myself this afternoon after opening them up and realizing it just bolts together and then looking underneath the car and seeing the OEM exhaust just unbolts. I figured worst that can happen is I mess it up, I already had an appointment on thursday to have my local exhaust shop install them. After and hour and a half with a car jack, a couple truck stands, a ratchet and wrench I had my new exhaust installed. Installation was so easy, I only needed a second hand just to hold the new mufflers in place until I got the first bolts in place. Glad I tried this install myself, I saved at least $200-$300 that I was quoted to have it installed.

Now the fun part, trying it out. Gotta say it sounds great. Idle is a bit loud as these new mufflers have much more bass it tends to resonate just a little bit. They are loud if you stand about 10 feet behind the car. Driving the car sounds really nice though, not loud at all unless you get on it. Still not loud just has a nice sound. Inside the car is quiet while driving. I've only had a chance to take it on a quick 5 minute ride, then I let someone else drive it around the block so I could hear from outside. You definitely hear the car now as compared to stock where you barely hear it. Nice improvement though. I only changed the mufflers, I'd imagine upgrading the rest of the system would sound really sweet with the Supersprints but I would also think it would be too loud. Glad I just did the mufflers, enough to enhance the sound without calling too much attention to it.