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Originally Posted by Big Windy View Post
maybe for EDC, but I think somebody with DCT had a tranny malfunction at 14 miles. HAHA.
I think that was me...but I started to have DCT issues at 135-140 miles (2nd day of ownership), lol. Thankfully it was an isolated incident (Incorrectly manufactured O-ring on exterior tranny oil line).

Originally Posted by exadius View Post
Got my car back Monday. They replaced the EDC controller only to find another error appeared. It was some kind of under voltage problem.

When I initially dropped off the car I mentioned that I had read here in the forums about loose connecters at the top of the shock tower causing EDC faults.

While they were waiting on the BMW "experts" in Germany they started poking those connectors and found 4 wires were routed under a metal block, and from what I saw looked like it was screwed down pretty tight. Sure enough several of those wires had there insulation worn through causing the under volt error.

They were very lucky that the system found that short before it fried the new EDC controller. The service rep seemed to think that this was an error in the assembly process.

Hopefully this was an isolated mistake and not the way all M3s were put together.
Good to hear it was an isolated incident & thx for the update.
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