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I can confirm. The Sport version sounds very low and deep (compared to the stock). I can't imagine how could sound the Race one, if the Sport is working already so good.Probably too much for me. I have made many many videos. I will put one soon comparing time by time the stock and the new at : switch on of the car when she is cold (more noisy like you know), revving at different rpm, and strong accelleration whit a microphone installed near the exaust.
Anyway....TOTALLY another sound, and so I would say, another CAR!
Also interesting (if Nate can confirm I will be more happy), when you select the Sport setting for the engine, the sounds change a little. it seems that the valves actuaded from this setting can add some sound also to the exhaust. I know that this is not wanted and studied by Eisenmann and simply a casuality, but I would say nice combination !!
Last thing: when for the first time you will ear the new exaust on your car you immediately will notice a different sound coming from airbox. More aggressive.

So let me say: definitively a good choice.
Thanks Eisenmann.....